Artificial Intelligence in aviation events every first Monday of the month
Starting February 2021

March edition
1st March 2021
4.30pm – 6.00pm (CET)

Introduction by David Pérez, DataBeacon

4.30pm. Marc Baumgartner, IFATCA
What is required from AI to bring the ATM sector beyond automation of housekeeping tasks?

4.50pm. Marta Llobet, EUROCONTROL
Stepping stones towards a safe AI in aviation

5.10pm. Darío Martínez, DataBeacon
Bridging the gap between AI implementation and production

5.30pm. Q&A, Moderated by Dirk Schaefer, EUROCONTROL

MONDAIS previous editions

Introduction by David Pérez, DataBeacon

FLY AI Report: Demystifying and Accelerating AI in Aviation/ATM ⤓ Download presentation

Guillaume Soudain, EASA
EASA AI Roadmap 1.0: a Human-centric approach to AI in Aviation ⤓ Download presentation

Joseph Post, FAA
Artificial Intelligence at the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration,
and some pseudo-random thoughts on a roadmap
⤓ Download presentation

Q&A, Moderated by Dirk Schaefer, EUROCONTROL

Data Science in Aviation Workshop previous editions

After organizing last year’s in-person event, we are moving online as with many other events.
Instead of replicating the 1-2 days experience, we have thought of shorter, more frequent workshops for 2021.