DataBeacon and uAvionix Collaborate to Deliver Low-latency, Cloud Situational Awareness with Romeo5 Flight Information Display Solution

David Perez

2024-03-14 11:50:21
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Madrid, Spain and Bigfork, MT 14 March 2024

DataBeacon and uAvionix, announced today, the planned availability of uAvionix’s validated FlightLine ADS-B data from cooperative aircraft as a sensor feed for DataBeacon’s Romeo5 airport and Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) Flight Information Display solution. The data provides enhanced situational awareness to air traffic service providers by visualizing the traffic in the airspace they manage mimimising their infrastructure investments. Reliable, trusted and cost effective traffic feeds are a key enabler for airports and ANSP’s wishing to take advantage of new surveillance technologies.

David Perez, CEO of DataBeacon, says, “Safety is our top priority at DataBeacon but this is only achieved if we also balance the importance of cost-effectiveness for our customers. With the collaboration between DataBeacon and uAvionix, we are able to provide reliable and trusted traffic feeds that minimize infrastructure investments for air navigation service providers and airports, allowing them to take full advantage of new surveillance technologies. By leveraging the validated ADS-B data from uAvionix, our solutions offer a unique value proposition that sets our solution apart from traditional legacy technologies.”

The uAvionix FlightLine service provides validated ADS-B track data from a first-of-its-kind high integrity surveillance network of dual-band ADS-B receivers. FlightLine’s truSky™ validation score provides airports and ANSP’s confidence in the track data for airspace surveillance while the Romeo5 system displays system and connectivity status. The cloud-based system performs at low latencies with redundancy to ensure timely and reliable delivery of ADS-B data from cooperative aircraft. With traceability to certified avionics for ADS-B, the combined Romeo5 and FlightLine surveillance data-as-a-service is a trusted solution for airports and ANSP’s.

The innovative uAvionix truSky validation process inside FlightLine uses the network of multiple low-cost and low-profile deployed dual-frequency (1090MHz and 978MHz) ADS-B ground receivers to evaluate ADS-B signals transmitted from an aircraft. The system then instantly compares the received signals to confirm that the signal originated from the aircraft’s position. When enough sensors are available, truSky uses a number of methods to backwards calculate the aircraft’s position and compares it to the position contained within the ADS-B transmission. Using Doppler information, multilateral timing, and aircraft kinetics, the calculation produces a validation score on each aircraft to provide the confidence and safety margin required for trusted use by airports and ANSP’s operators.

Compliant with UK CAA CAP670 regulation, Romeo5 is a low-complexity Flight Information Display (FID) for aerodromes and airports in the UK. Romeo5 has been built upon the foundation of DataBeacon’s Romeo5 tower and airport solution. The on-premise system is easily deployed on a variety of computer operating systems and offers a cost-effective alternative to a traditional radar and surveillance data processing systems. Utilizing multiple data sources, including ADS-B, Romeo5 delivers a next-generation user-friendly interface providing increased visibility to AFISOs and ATCOs.

Customers wishing to take advantage of DataBeacon Romeo5 with FlightLine validated ADS-B Data should contact David Perez of DataBeacon for further information on the benefits of the combination and how to add FlightLine coverage to their airspace.



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Author: David Perez