A deep understanding of the air transport system remains hidden within its data. However, data scientists and domain experts are working together and reaching an unprecedented understanding of system behaviour. A challenging and promising path has opened and new technologies and data intensive applications are being formulated.

Air transport experts can enable this paradigm shift with a set of techniques at their disposal, including data management, data protection, deep analytics, data visualization, as well as supporting data architectures. Applying these techniques to aviation data can potentially provide new insights on paramount aspects like environmental impact, safety or performance efficiency.

We offer an inside look into the knowledge and ideas surrounding these techniques. The scenarios and use cases aim to inspire others and to stimulate joint initiatives to make a larger impact in aviation data knowledge discovery.


Cybersecurity in aviation

The aviation industry is quickly moving towards digitalization, introducing new technologies and concepts especially through non-aviation means (e.g. Cloud, 5G, WiFi, satellite communications and Machine Learning). This, in turn, further exposes the hazard of the current...



Air travel demand...

As avid readers of our blog may have noticed in past publications, we often write about the complexity of airline networks (as in the series about the curse of IROPs part 1 and part 2),  and...