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AI Digital Assistants for Air Traffic Controllers will revolutionize operational rooms

David Perez
DataBeacon is introducing the first Digital Assistant that will be ready for operational air traffic control rooms: Victor5. Victor5 is powered by an AI engine that can guide air traffic controllers through potential conflicts—all on the cloud, with no local computing capacity required. This engi…

The impact of Covid-19 in European airspace: one month overview

Antonio Fernandez
Not a day goes by without news of Covid-19 and its devastating consequences — not only for humans, but for the economies of multiple industries, especially aviation. Since first appearing in Wuhan, China in late December, the virus has…

Machine learning with graphs: the next big thing?

Damir Valput
Graphs are everywhere. Many of us use them or come across them daily. In its essence, a graph is an abstract data type that requires two basic building blocks: nodes and vertices. A graph utilises the basic idea of using vertices to establish relationships betwe…