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The UK CAA, CAA International, Innaxis and DataBeacon sign an MoU to cooperate in the adoption of Digital Assistants

Paula Lopez
Today, we stand at the cusp of a revolutionary transformation in aviation, which embraces the integration of AI and digitalization. Big data and cloud computing solutions have paved the way for handling extensive historical datasets, which can now be utilized to train AI algorithms and assist hum…

Victor5 powered by Aireon demonstrated at Airspace World

David Perez
Building a data-intensive application requires focusing on the data as the primary challenge, including the quantity, speed, and complexity of the data used. Victor5 ensures its data models, data encoding, and storage engines are optimized for real-time Air Traffic Management applications. A stat…

DataBeacon announces a market-ready data platform for ATM operations

David Perez
Leveraging years of work data science research projects, machine learning and data engineering experience in the field of aviation, DataBeacon announces a release-candidate for its market-ready data platform for air traffic management operations, named Victor5. Victor5 allows the development and …