Victor5 powered by Aireon demonstrated at Airspace World

David Perez

2023-03-06 17:06:51
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Building a data-intensive application requires focusing on the data as the primary challenge, including the quantity, speed, and complexity of the data used.

Victor5 ensures its data models, data encoding, and storage engines are optimized for real-time Air Traffic Management applications. A state-of-the-art tech stack allows for top performance that has not been seen in this context before.

A robust, high-fidelity, and complete dataset is a vital component in supporting the safe, efficient, and effective flow of air traffic through various airspaces and aerodromes.  Now, DataBeacon announces Victor5’s integration with Aireon’s AireonSTREAMTM product.  AireonSTREAMTM provides access to the only high-fidelity, low-latency, air traffic surveillance-quality aircraft position data used by air navigation service providers around the world.

Building a modern end-to-end platform for AI in aviation requires many cutting-edge technologies to manage streaming data, synchronize data and computations for real-time delivery, allow for geographical data indexing and parallelization, and label massive amounts of training data for predictive analytics while running on a resilient and flexible computing infrastructure. By using container technologies, Victor5 offers a more flexible approach to traditional virtualization techniques, enabling greater scalability, portability, and flexibility in managing complex software environments.

Victor5 will be presented in a cloud environment at Airspace World, but will support your ATM operational rooms with multiple environments as needed or required to guarantee safety — public or private clouds, on-premise computing, or edge computing — thanks in great part to container technology. The Victor5 platform is being shown at Airspace World in Geneva as a market-ready technology demonstrator for a situational awareness tool using live

Aireon data feeds for several flight information regions in the Middle East. ANSPs representatives from these regions and others can test it and join the first group of users of Victor5 powered by Aireon during the fair.

Author: David Perez