Embrace MONDAIS in 2021

David Perez

2020-12-21 18:38:02
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Since the early 2010s, Innaxis has promoted data science in aviation. As strong believers in the potential of these data science techniques in aviation, including machine learning, Innaxis launched the Data Science in Aviation Workshop in 2013. Since then, airports, airlines, ANSPs, manufacturers, authorities, industry, universities and research centers have joined us in presenting their data management, analytics and engineering techniques. Most importantly, many case studies have been presented that may change the future of aviation tools that use AI.

The challenges of 2020 have increased the pressure on aviation to reduce costs and resources. This, in turn, has led to increased automation and scalability as a measure of introducing a better-performing and more cost-efficient system. AI applications are more relevant than ever.

As we aim to continuing contributing to this cause, we’re going to bring you a series of online events to share views on the state of AI development in aviation. During the first MONDAIS of each month, we will cover AI applicability to safety-critical systems, machine learning techniques, data availability and few interesting case studies, among others.

We start next 1st of February at 4pm with EASA, Eurocontrol and FAA presenting their roadmaps for AI applications in aviation.

Attendance is free of charge but places are limited. Register here!

Author: David Perez

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