DataBeacon announces a market-ready data platform for ATM operations

David Perez

2023-03-02 19:39:24
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Leveraging years of work data science research projects, machine learning and data engineering experience in the field of aviation, DataBeacon announces a release-candidate for its market-ready data platform for air traffic management operations, named Victor5.

Victor5 allows the development and deployment of digital assistants tools for different operational scenarios including real time operations but also strategic, flow and post-operation analysis. By covering different use cases, Victor5 allows to have a consistent approach to similar data and challenges, speeding up development and deployment of revolutionary applications for ATM.

Victor5 platform is data agnostic. The same functionalities are available regardless the surveillance data source that we use, including terrestrial or satellite ADS-B, proprietary or public ADS-B networks, radar or MLAT. A modern tech stack allows different data formats and more flexibility of use cases for digital assistants. Victor5 enables switching to a different data source for surveillance in case of equipment failure, increasing the resilience and situational awareness of ATCO’s in critical situations.

Victor5 will be showcased in Geneva running real time data feeds and different user interfaces for assistants to support operational personnel on situational awareness, contingency, workload assessment, flow and tower information services.

“Today we are on the brink of a groundbreaking evolution in aviation—one that embraces AI and digitalization. Big data and cloud computing have paved the way for the processing of massive historical dataset. As demonstrated on the Victor5 platform for air traffic operations, these same datasets can now train AI algorithms to support operational personnel by identifying critical safety and performance scenarios and providing operators with the necessary assistance to act.” said David Perez, DataBeacon CEO. “As a deep tech company, a partnership with data providers and ANSPs brings an incredible boost towards the adoption of breakthrough technologies into the future of aviation helping our customers to uplift their operational expertise”.

A software release candidate for Victor5 will be shown at Airspace World in Geneva, using different live air traffic data feeds, thanks to the collaboration with several data providers. ANSPs representatives will be able to test it and join the first group of users during the fair.

Author: David Perez