DataBeacon and SafeRunway presented at the IATA Aviation Data Symposium

David Perez

2018-09-11 14:07:37
Reading Time: 2 minutes

IATA has shown their commitment to developing big data and machine learning applications in order to transform the industry to be more data-driven. The Aviation Data Symposium is a forum started last November 2017 in Miami (where SafeClouds was presented), and IATA hosted the second edition of the event in Berlin just seven months later.

Last year we presented the general scope of the SafeClouds initiative. This year we focused on DataBeacon, a data platform we have built, and one of the applications has been prototyped on the platform, SafeRunway.

Bob Graham, Head of Airport research at Eurocontrol, first presented the necessary requirements from Eurocontrol, and other data owners, in providing data as part of a general machine learning solution and the DataBeacon platform in particular.

David Perez explained features that allow DataBeacon to lead the development and deployment of machine learning applications, including a fully scalable solution for data management and analytics.  Thanks to technology like smart data fusion, DataBeacon enables the operationalisation of new data-trained models to combine and fuse data from different stakeholders, all while guaranteeing the data privacy and confidentiality.

Cutting edge technology has driven DataBeacon into a multi-sided data platform that presently facilitates other applications, like SafeRunway, which is currently developed in cooperation with several airports. This application allows runway throughput optimisation, while enhancing safety monitoring, as a result of predictive analytics using diverse data.

Tadorea is focussing in the expansion of DataBeacon, involving the cooperation of additional airlines, airports and air navigation service providers, that are interested in enhancing safety-predicting capabilities and process optimisation. Partnerships are being formed throughout 2018 and we are excited to publicly announce the upcoming plans within the following months.

Presentations from Bob Graham and David Perez can be accessed here.

Author: David Perez