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Data Science in Aviation Workshop




  • Academia & research speakers
  • Industry & users speakers

Relevant Facts

Our 1st event, when the data science techniques were very limited in the aviation field.

At this event, aviation stakeholders demonstrated their initial uses of data. We also invited experts from different fields (such as CERN!) to show the potential of applying data science to aviation.

In this second event, there were a growing number of cases of data science in aviation. It was clear this line of research was growing, and academia and aviation stakeholders worked together in this event.

For this third event, the discussion advanced to infrastructure and potential applications. Also, for the first time, visualization was included in the agenda.

The fourth event involved a larger range of stakeholders including ANSPs, airlines, researchers, authorities and industry. The use of data in safety research was also increasingly discussed.

The 5th edition was focused on Data Science applications to three key areas for the aviation sector: safety, environment and performance. A transversal section presented tools and techniques supporting these applications. As in previous editions, the speakers panel included innovative SMEs, research & academic entities and aviation stakeholders.

The 6th edition had presentations on how to increase ATM predictability both at airport and network level, discover machine learning techniques and platforms for aviation data, explore immersive analytics, or discuss about the challenges of automation in the aviation industry.
It was the most successful edition with over 120 attendees.